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Name of the initiative:

“Torino, che meraviglia!”


From November 20th 2019 to January 31st 2020 at 11.59 pm (maximum duration 12 weeks) – Winner appointment: February 28th 2020


Users of Facebook or Instagram or other so-called social networks which, once the “Torino, che meraviglia!” promotional films are displayed, will have voluntarily activated the link to the survey web page (, proposed at the end of the survey three slogans of tourist promotion and will have allowed the use of the requested personal data.

Territorial area:

Italy + France + UK + Germany + Netherlands + Switzerland


The “Torino, che meraviglia!” Survey is advertised on social network channels, such as Facebook and Instagram and is also advertised on the web pages of the survey promoters and the initiative partners such as


how the survey is advertised and where the regulation is located:

The “Torino, che meraviglia!” survey is advertised on social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) with videos lasting about 20 seconds or with advertising banners on the promoter’s and partners.

Methods of conducting the survey and creating tourist slogans

Survey participants will be able to reach the online survey site page mainly in the following ways:

  • By directly entering the address on the chosen browser (Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.) without restrictions
  • After viewing a short video clip on the social network If the user of the social network wants to, he can be taken to the survey page by touching the screen while watching the video
  • After viewing a short video on the social network If the user of the social network wants to, he can be taken to the survey page by touching the screen while watching the video
  • On both Facebook and Instagram, the videos will be offered to users who have declared the following characteristics
  • Age: over 18 years
  • They live in Italy France + UK + Germany + Netherlands + Switzerland
  • Interests: Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Mountain, Mountain Bike, Hotel, Canoe, Chocolate, Wine, Baroque, Royal Palace (TO), Castles, Racing Bicycles, Air Travel, Sports, Italian Museums, Touring Bikes, Tourism Cultural Skiing, City, Egyptian Museum, Fiat, Winter Olympics, Nebbiolo, Food and Wine Tourism, Tourism, Torino Football Club, Restaurants, Juventus Football Club, Canoe / Kayak, Outdoor Life, Bike, Travel,
  • These features are selected directly by the segmentation engine of the social network used (Facebook & Instagram determine the segments with two different algorithms / modes).

The participant, landed on the site, will be offered on three different pages, 18 situations to compose an ideal vacation (weekend). In case of winning, the same 3 experiences selected by the winner will be included in the award stay. At the end of the survey, in order to win the award stay, the participant will also be asked to identify three evocative words (also composed) describing the ideal holiday in Turin/Torino. The 3 words must be indicated in order of value / importance. Words that are vulgar, offensive or unrelated to the territory of Turin and the Province cannot be accepted. Penalty the exclusion of the participant.

Each participant in the survey will be asked to share some personal data such as: Name, Surname, Country and e-mail address. The IP address used by the participant may also be registered. The participant will also declare to accept the survey and Privacy regulations.

In the absence of the requested data (all mandatory) and the acceptance of the regulation and of the Privacy, participation in the survey will not be accepted.

The survey participant will receive a message to the quoted e-mail address that will confirm entry into the selection of the survey award.

Describe the progress and conditions of participation in detail

Only adults who access the website can take part in the survey after viewing the promotional video on Facebook or Instagram or by directly entering the address of the survey page, i.e. Each participant can only participate once. The check will be carried out online by checking the e-mail address and, subsequently, before the evaluation of the three words sent, with cross-checks on the data collected. A further check will be carried out so that a single subject cannot use more than one email and / or nickname.

The winner will be selected among all the participants of the survey in a merit-based manner by a Commission composed of the Presidents (or their delegates) of the organizations promoting the survey.

The commission will select the winner based on criteria such as: uniqueness, originality, evocativeness of the 3 proposed words. The commission will not have access to the name of the participant, but only to a unique code that unites the three words indicating the participant to the participant in a unique way.

The choice of the commission will be final.

No employees or family members of the Associated Persons or Delegated Subjects in the survey can participate in the survey.


Two prizes will be awarded, one to a participant resident in Italy and one to a participant non-resident in Italy.

The prizes consist of a stay for two in the province of Turin and include:

  • 2 nights in a 4-star hotel or more
  • 2 breakfasts for two people
  • 1 lunch for two people, 3 courses, drinks included (appetizer, first course, second course, coffee, water and 1 bottle of wine selected by the restaurant)
  • 1 dinner for two people, 3 courses, drinks included (appetizer, first course, second course, coffee, water and 1 bottle of wine selected by the restaurant)
  • 3 tourist experiences
  • Transfers provided by the program, including journeys to and from the hotel (either from Caselle Airport or from the arrival train station).
  • Approximate value: € 1,200 + VAT
  • Not included: extras and personal services at the Hotel (Wi-Fi, Mini Bar, SPA, tips, tourist tax, etc.). Transfer from / to place of residence in Turin and everything not included in the description above.

Delivery deadline:

the prize must be used on one of the following weekends:

  • 20-22 March 2020
  • 27-29 March 2020

Claim for compensation:

the promoter waives the right to compensation. If the winner is not available on the days when the prize can be used, he will lose the right to the prize and will not be able to request a sum of money as a replacement.


See Privacy Policy.